Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had my 16 week prenatal appointment today. Some small disappointing news: I lost 2lbs. No more ketones in my urine though, so the midwife was happy. She said she "wanted to see some weight" on me next time though. I told her, "have you LOOKED at my thighs?"

Now the really, really good, fabulous, wonderful, terrific, exciting, couldn't be any better news:

I'M GROWING A BABY!!!! She didn't take an actual numeric measurement from pubic bone to top of fundus, but she did feel for how high up it was. It's HIGHER than she would expect! Can you believe that?! I'm going to have a NORMAL-size baby!

What a happy day, today!


Rixa said...

I hope you can put on lots of weight and have a nice big baby!

labortrials said...

Yay, how encouraging. And I'm glad that you're no longer in ketosis. How CRAZY is HG! You poor dear.

Thrilled to read your news today!!!

Stassja said...

Yay for growing baby! Go go little one!! And great job mama. :D So good to hear you're feeling better, hopefully it'll stay that way and you can start packin' on the pounds. ;)

And thanks for reading over my way once in a while! Glad you enjoy it. :D

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well!

-Jill (too lazy to sign in)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you had heard about this study researching the possible genetics behind HG. They're still looking for participants (it looks like all they need is for people to send them cheek swabs) and I thought you might be interested in posting about it and/or participating.