Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Woo hoo! I'm pregnant! Somewhere between five and seven weeks. I figure baby'll come in mid to late June. It's a nice time to have a baby :) I'll be moving back down to Florida so I can have a homebirth. There's just OBs and "underground" midwives here. The OBs want to cut me and the midwives won't touch me because I've had two "SGA" babies. Doesn't bother me though. I like Florida. It's home :) I'll actually be giving birth in my MIL's house. Odd situation, don't you think?

I'm SO... FREAKING... EXCITED! This baby was very unexpected. After my VBAC I wanted to have another baby RIGHT then. Obviously, that didn't happen. I did become pregnant unexpectedly when my baby was 4 months old but miscarried at 8 weeks. Now my vbac baby (Little Man) is 23 months old and we're all ready, willing and waiting! My nearly 4yo (Little Miss) can't wait. She asks, "Mommy can I kiss the baby?" I say yes. Then she lifts my shirt and says, "now remind me again where she is?" (she's dearly wishing for a sister). She also keeps smelling my head and saying, "MMMM! I LOVE that baby smell!"

Here was our recent conversation about how the baby will come out:

me: do you remember where the baby will come out?
4yo: yes, from your v*.
me: that's right.
4yo: can I help you push her out?
me: well, I have to do all the work but you can hold my hand
me: well, it's not really something you can help me with. I'll be pushing kinda like when you have a hard time going to the bathroom.
4yo: oh, so you're pooping the baby out of your v*?
me: well, kinda.

Too funny! She's going to be hilarious at the birth. She'll be 4 1/2 when the big day arrives.