Friday, January 2, 2009

Back for Good

Wow, what a busy six months I've had! I moved to Alabama, got pregnant, moved back to Florida, celebrated the second anniversary of my first VBAC (my little guy's two?!), survived another busy holiday season and will soon remember (notice I don't say "celebrate") the fourth anniversary of my c-section and have a big party celebrating my big girl's 4th birthday.

I finally have internet access again and am glad to say that I'm back to Refuse to be a Womb Pod for good. Over the past 15 weeks of this pregnancy I've had many thoughts and experiences that I've wanted to explore here and it was frustrating to not have that capability. Among the "highlights" are a huge blow to my birth plans and a debilitating battle with HG. Thankfully I'm recovering from both. I haven't thrown up in about two weeks now and am down to taking the Zofran just once a day. I hate taking that medicine. It scares me to death. Maybe I'll be off it by next week :)

I have a small concern about my placenta, too. I know most of those who read here will think it's silly, but I think I may (again) have an anterior placenta. At almost 16 weeks pregnant with my third baby I have yet to feel any discernible movement. I'm absolutely confident that if I was feeling movement I'd know it at this point. I think the lack of feeling on my part is because of an anterior placenta. The midwife has also had a difficult time finding heart tones. With my last pregnancy, I had an anterior placenta as well. It didn't cause any problems as far as my cervix or cesarean scar were concerned, but I did have a very long labor with a malpositioned baby. While I describe that labor to anyone who'll listen as a "blast", I'd prefer a shorter "blast" this time.

I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long. Please check back often, as I'm hoping to be able to post at least every other day now!


TracyKM said...

I think, in most pregnancies, even thirds, that feeling movement by only 16 weeks is early, although I know a few people who say they felt movement even earlier, even with their first. I never felt movements before about 20 weeks, even by the third. With at least one of them, they thought my placenta was anterior, but I had absolutely no problems with that labour or birth! Great to hear you're pregnant again!