Thursday, February 21, 2008

What my first OB did to my daughter

This is Sarah on January 12, 2005. She was born at 37 weeks, 1 day. She weighed 3 lbs, 10oz and was 16 inches long. The OB who performed the surgery was not the OB who let me starve.


Rixa said...

So tell me more about the pregnancy--do you have it written somewhere on your blog? Why was she so small?

Anonymous said...

Here is a woman who has had 9 c-sections. Who knows if she really needed them all, but it appears that she might have. Anyway, it's interesting to read how she was treated, and the stupid inductions.
. goodness.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously trying to work through your emotions regarding your C-section. Have you done anything towards healing from your HG?
Personally, my experiences with HG have been much more difficult emotionally then my C-section, but that is me. has a lot of women willing to listen and who have BTDT with the disease and with the HCP's that don't (won't) understand it, let alone treat it well.