Saturday, February 2, 2008


Saw this in my local paper today:

Saturday, March 1st
[My City's] Largest Baby Shower
Local Junior College
For new and expecting parents
Lots of INFO and FREE STUFF!

So, I need ideas. What can I do? It's too late to apply for an actual booth to set up.

I do have two ideas, but I need more!

1. I have these little cards that are business card size. I got them from a local baby item store. I'm planning to litter the bathroom sink counters with them, place them on all the cozy couches that pregnant moms are sure to sit on, and put one on booth tables when I can.
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2. Wear a pro-homebirth t-shirt. I actually don't own one yet, so ideas on where to find a nice, affordable one would be wonderful!

So. . . what else can I do?


mm said...

You can do what I do every year for my kids on Midwifery day. Buy a cheap plain shirt(I comb the sale spots at the end of each season, May is Volatile in Manitoba... we might still have snow!) and hit your local craft store. There are 'printer friendly transfer paper and plain old iron on letters that you can use.
I do this every year, for my firstborn, c/s son. His always has Midwives Rock!. The other two have hbac baby/born at home/ I love my midwives __________! Stuff like that. Easy simple and cheaper/faster than ordering one. And heck! It was made with LOVE and PASSION!
Best wishes! You rock!

Kristen said...

Our local ICAN chapter recently got turned down for a booth at a local baby fair sponsered by one of the local hospitals (the VBAC friendly one even!). We were considered to be too contraversial.
I did have a contact with a local doula who had a booth and she put out some of ICAN's literature for me. I know many of the ICAN chapters put out little mini chocolate bars with informative ICAN wrappers on them.
You can get great birth advocacy wear at if you have enough time to order them, they have everything there!
Other ideas.... I am really not a great idea woman.
Make sure you get all the contact info for the event and get on their mailing list for next year so you can get a booth!

Anonymous said...

For the t-shirt... go to She has a bunch of different advocacy designs, including a few homebirth ones. And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, talk to her. She's a homebirth mama herself. Tell her why you need it and I'm positive she can get it to you in time. Plus, her stuff is great and holds up forever in the laundry while still looking very professional!

Nicole D said...

Contact BellyBars or Luna Bars and ask if you can be an 'ambassador' - handing out samples in a basket at the shower - and give out the card with it. Don't know if that would step on any legal toes though...

emjaybee said...

You can make one! Also hand out flyers. Are there ANY midwives going to be there? They would be excellent to team up with. Also: doulas, pregnancy massueses, sling-sellers, etc. tend to be more granola-crunchy...might be good places to leave cards, flyers, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hats are good, too! Maybe you could attach a sign to your stroller somehow (if you are taking one). Something else that comes to mind is that building a relationship with people is vital if they are to receive a message. People "don't CARE how much you KNOW until they KNOW how much you CARE" Placing cards here and there is good! I recommend personally getting them into people's hands too. Not everyone will just pick up a card off of a stack, but they do have a hard time refusing one handed to them. You probably already mentioned that. Would the host of this event put your name on a standby list in case someone with a booth didn't show up?? You could put magnet signs on your vehicle also. I can't wait to hear all about it!!!--hbacmomoftwins

Gretchen said...

Not to self-promote too much :-) but don't forget the 10 Myths about Birth t-shirt -- I have good turn around on them -- if you want one, you can order it from

It is rare for me to NOT get comments when I wear mine...and it covers a lot of territory in one shirt.

Anonymous said...

2008 is the year of HomeBirth Awareness!! Come check it out at