Saturday, January 19, 2008

Have a Happy Labor

See? Labor can be fun!

9cm, (as yet) unmedicated, approximately 40th hour of labor
This was a planned homebirth (after cesarean), turned hospital transfer because we just couldn't get the little guy to come out! He was in a very bad position and neither he, nor my midwife, nor I could fix it. Something about that drive to the hospital though, for what everyone assumed would be a repeat-C, got him squared away. The thought of that knife again just scared my little man right out of me!


mm said...

OH my goodness... that made me so happy! To wake up to someone else who mocked their careproviders in labour. Someone trying to take a beautiful photo of mom working hard for her babe.
snort. =)
I still hear that the one midwife talks about this client (me) who hollered at them to keep talking during her contractions. Then proceeded to chime in between howls. Being comfortable with whom you labour can make you 'have a happy labour'!

Sheridan said...

Awesome picture! Love that you could still be silly and that your baby got in the right position on the ride to the hospital!

Enjoy Birth!

AtYourCervix said...

I was cracking jokes at 9cm with my 3rd birth - 100% natural, unmedicated. Amazing what a woman's body can do, huh?