Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Plans, Plans, Plans

So many plans to be made! Our lives are so much different, so-full!-now. My first experience with HG was traumatic, but I only had to find a way to care for myself. My second experience with HG was more challenging because I had a very young toddler to care for. Still, there was just one child (who still napped) and family to help. Hyperemesis part three was the hardest thing I've ever done, to date. I had two active, non-napping children to care for and we'd moved away from family. The kids and I had to move back home and my mother-in-law practically raised them for five months. I was hospitalized for a week.

This time we're in for a ride! This next pregnancy will test our faith, above all, but also our commitment to each other and our endurance. A new pregnancy will find us with a school-aged daughter, a preschool son and a toddler daughter. Our oldest daughter began homeschooling this year the beginning of a new pregnancy will find us at the beginning of 1st grade and pre-K. My toddler shows no sighs of weaning and also co-sleeps. How will I manage nursing one child, homeschooling two children all while living on the bathroom floor for 9 months? We've decided not to separate this time, so we'll be away from any family who might've helped.

This season we're entering will be one that lives in infamy!

I know you think we're crazy. I know. But so is the "Iron Man" who pushes his body to its tipping point, no? And Iron Man finishes where he began. Our family will finish with a brand new immortal soul in the world. We'll end with ten hands helping two more emerge. We will be more, not less. Stronger, not weaker.

Unlike previous pregnancies, I hope to have internet access throughout. I'm looking forward to sharing this Phoenix-journey with you and chronicling how I make it through.

Kyrie eleison down the road that I must travel.


Diana J. said...

First of all, congratulations on your new little one! And wow, yes indeed - what a challenge! Please keep us updated on your journey! I have been contemplating whether or not I could ever do a #3 - the challenge definitely grows with each child. I will be praying for you!!


BeckyT said...

Thank you, Diana! I'm not pregnant yet. We're hoping to conceive sometime this summer (July/August). I appreciate your prayers during this time of planning and preparing! So much to plan! I need to plan my 4yo's 5th birthday for next November, my 5 year old's 7th birthday for January-after-next. Plan clothes to be bought, meals to be made, an entire semester planned out BEFORE becoming pregnant. Lots to think about.

Diana J. said...

Ha! You'd think I would have caught that small fact, LOL! I guess that's what comes from speed-reading. Well, I'll definitely be praying for you as you prepare - I'd love to hear from you on your blog about your preparations, because if we ever try for another, I should do the same thing!

BeckyT said...

I'm definitely going to use the blog as a sounding-board for my preparation ideas.

I've decided that a MAJOR focus of my preparations will be on making life in our home run smoothly no matter how out-of-sorts I am. My daughter Sarah (6 next month) told me that she didn't like when I was pregnant because I was "mean" to them :( How sad! Something we'll work on in the coming months will be cultivating an attitude of gratefulness and joy in myself (even during hard times) and an attitude of serving in Sarah's heart. She has begun asking every day if she can make lunch for everybody (pb&j, bananas and milk), which would be a HUGE help for me. All the better when it's something she enjoys so much :)

Saved Sinner said...

Stocking up on as much grocery shopping as you can is definitely a big help. For us it's meant my husband only has to pick up odd bits and pieces which he can do fairly easily on his way to and from work. The first time round, I think I made it worse by eating less because I felt sick and by trying to carry on doing all my usual things so I am hoping that by resting/eating as much as possible now it won't end up being so bad. I only realised after my first pregnancy that I'd been in pretty much a permanent bad mood so that is something I'm hoping to be more aware of this time.

Anonymous said...

First congrats on the TTC! I know you posted a while back about conceiving again.

Though I have never experienced HG I do know what you mean about planning. I almost feel guilty for it. We will be adding #5 in July and I just can't bring myself to let things "go with the flow". We have no family support AT ALL! And friends that would help are limited by their own family and reasonability’s. I got a pregnancy to-do list to start on in January. It will be a challenge! Like you I will be planning ahead for some birthdays and meals for a good while!

I pray that the HG is gone this time around!

Saved Sinner said...

I meant to say that I read about a study where they found that here were reduced rates of hospital admission for women with prior admissions for HG if they were given anti-emetics to take in advance rather than waiting till they actually started throwing up. I'd have to find my print out to give you a link so if you want the link, leave me a comment on my blog and I'll do it as soon as I'm well enough.

Sleepwalker said...

Good luck with getting pregnant again and I really hope you catch a break with this pregnancy. I read your comment on 'The whining puker' blog and thought I'd pop over to read your experiences. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, eh? You'll never guess what the word verification for this comment was 'rearme' - too right.

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Sounds like you stay pretty busy!

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