Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MIA and Pictures

Sorry I've been absent so long. Having three children keeps my hands (happily) full! I plan to post at least once a week now though.

Anna will be 10 months old tomorrow! Where did my sweet, new baby go? She's so grown up now. Still no teeth, but Sarah didn't get teeth until she was a year old. She began crawling about 6 weeks ago (an army crawl on her belly) and has rapidly progressed to pulling herself to a sit, pulling up to stand and now cruising. Last night she finally got up on her hands and knees to crawl, but I don't think she'll be crawling much longer.

We were in Pensacola last weekend and visited Ft. Pickens several times. I wanted to share some of the pictures with you. It really is a beautiful park!

Anna standing on the boardwalk

I can't say the thought doesn't cross my mind...frequently!

This picture gives me chills.

An artsy photo of Sarah. She's looking across the intercoastal waterway at Fort Barrancas.

Caleb climbing on the same rocks I used to play on when I was a child. One of my fondest memories!

Sarah and Caleb examining something Sarah caught in her net. She's quite the "hunter"!

Anna nursing on the beach. Heaven on Earth: warm sun, salty sea and a baby at the breast.

My beautiful baby girl! She's watching Daddy, Sarah and Caleb catch sand crabs.

Sarah and Caleb exploring Fort Pickens.


wsxwhx729 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Mandrina said...

I CRIED at your pics. I am from Pensacola originally but moved away more than 9 years ago. I've been back several times (had my wedding at Old Christ Church) but I haven't seen the Fort since The Storm (for those who are not from P'cola; "The Storm" was Hurricane Ivan, which knocked down my hoetown a year before Katrina hit). I didn't know you could even get out there now. And the sand is starting to look white again!!!

I enjoy your blog and I just love that you put up pics that remind me of my childhood. :)