Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new carrier

Since Caleb was a baby I've carried my babies in a ring sling. I loved my ring sling. It was easy to put on, easy to put baby in and easy to take baby out. After a recent trip to the chiropractor, my husband decided that it was wreaking havoc on my back. I'd heard many moms sing the praises of the Ergo baby carrier so I ordered one and... it came today! I hated it for about an hour but it's growing on me. I still stand my my assertion that it wasn't designed for shorter people though.

Anna Lily 7.5 months


Stassja said...

I have a similar carrier and I've found it to be great. (It's a Sutemi Pack, discontinued now but similar to the Ergo) I'm shorter as well, 5'4", and far more leg than chest. I have to have the waist strap around my hips for it to fit comfortably. LO's head is still up under my chin but it works. Even beyond a year old I was wearing my son in it (on the front) in complete comfort!

On the other hand, I find the ring sling (which I'm admittedly new to) to be fairly uncomfortable. I love it for short trips into wherever since it's quick and easy to put on, but for anything more time-consuming I use a wrap or the sutemi. I hope you're able to get it working!

Olivia said...

The Ergo takes a bit of practice to get it on, but I find it easier to use all the time. I also loved my ring sling, but once my baby got over 15 lbls it wasn't as comfortable for long periods over 30 min.

My baby is 10 months and almost 18 lbls now, so I find myself using the Ergo more and more. It's even more comfortable in a back carry for when I'm cooking or cleaning.

Katie said...

I am usually a silent reader but just wanted to make a quick comment on your Ergo... First, I have had one for a few years (2 babies now) and even after trying others, this is still my favorite by far.
Ok.. my comment... ;-)
You may have even figured this out already but, make sure you are wearing it LOW on you hips and not on your waist (as in your picture). That is the best way to ensure your hips are bearing the weight and not your back/shoulders. I know several ladies who hated theirs until they figured that out!
Ok.. back to lurking...:-)