Saturday, September 26, 2009


Anna will be three months old on Monday. Wow! Where has the time gone? Where has my "baby" gone? I have to say that while I absolutely adore having a "normal" size baby, it sure does seem they grow up faster. At this point, Anna is as big as Sarah and Caleb were at 6 or 7 months old. She's so active! Last night I had a dream that she walked at 5 months old. Let's just hope that dream doesn't come to pass. Sarah walked at 9 months and Caleb walked at 16 months. With two other children in the house I think I'd rather she took Caleb's path!

She's also teething now, and exhibiting teething "behavior" that neither Sarah nor Caleb did. She's drooling buckets and chewing on her hands. She'll even quit nursing, pull off the nipple, and put her fist in her mouth to chew on. Strange. I guess I'd rather she chew on her hand than my breast! Caleb got his first tooth at 7 months and Sarah was almost 13 months. I guess I was kind of hoping Anna would follow after her sister in teething!

I still can't believe what a breeze nursing has been for us. After two failed attempts, I thought something was wrong with me. But after Anna's amazingly quick, simple birth and not being high or hooked up to anything, it just seemed natural to nurse her. I pushed her out, she was handed to me, I put her to the breast and there she has stayed for the last three months!

Like my other two at this age, she has become markedly more "organized" in the last week. I never set any kind of schedule for her, just let her nap and nurse as she saw fit, but she has set for herself a fairly predictable routine now. During the day she has three naps: early morning, mid morning and early afternoon and she nurses approximately every hour and a half. At night she sleeps cuddled up next to my breasts and nurses (I think) once or twice. Neither of us really wakes up for night nursing.

Here are some pictures I'd like to share with you.
Isn't she pretty? I call her my "strawberries and cream" baby. Her skin is so milky white and her hair a pretty shade of auburn.

Anna nursing at the butterfly garden. Just after this photo was taken, a butterfly landed right on Anna's head and stayed for several minutes. Beautiful!

My family and me at a marriage conference recently

Anna nursing at the marriage conference

Anna and Sarah- sweet sisters!

Sarah and Anna- they're great friends already!

Anna and me at the children's museum


Christine said...

What terrific pictures! Your blog is an inspiration. Though I haven't had a c-section, I had two rather difficult hospital births with a lot of unnecessary interventions. I had a wonderful natural birth with my thirdborn, and am currently hoping for a homebirth with my fourth. (due 3-1-10) Blessings!

Priscila said...

Your daughters are so beautiful! And you're beautiful nursing your little baby. I read your post and you described me and my baby almost word for word. My little daughter Olivia is also HUGE! I only have her, she's 5 months old right now and wearing 9-12 month clothes. At two and a half months she was wearing 6 month clothes. So I hear ya! And yeah just like your little one, at 5 months old she's still attached to me at the breast nursing. But I love doing it, she's beautiful. And yes, your baby is very beautiful. Congratulations on your happy family :)

mrs shortcake said...

Oh, she really is lovely! Strawberries and cream, indeed!