Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disney World, hiding a baby and all's well

What a wonderful vacation! First I'd like to thank Disney for having the foresight to put changing tables in men's restrooms. I found out very quickly that my aching (then) 27 week back couldn't handle heaving a hefty 2 year old up onto changing tables that are way too high for this short mama. My husband was so nice to take over diaper duty for almost the entire vacation!

A small (or not so small) complaint, though. Did you know those awesome 'baby care centers' in each park are sponsored by Nestle Good Start? Ugh! Maybe LLL could look into sponsoring at least one of them? Would that offend anyone?

I don't have any actual "belly pics" this morning, but here's a picture of Sarah, Caleb, a bear and me outside of Animal Kingdom. That's my 27 week 3 day belly.

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. Guess what? Anna and I are completely healthy! Surprising, huh? I think it shocks people these days when a pregnant woman doesn't have anything "wrong" with her. That's so sad! Blood pressure is low, urine is clear, fundal height is 28cm. Anna is very active and strong, much more so than my other two babies were. I didn't ask about her position, but I know she's vertex because I can feel her little bottom.

Confession time. Before a few weeks ago, I always thought pregnant women were babies when they complained of common pregnancy discomforts like heart burn, aching 'sagging' belly, sore feet, pain in the back, etc. Well, add me to the pregnant 'baby' club! I don't know if it's because this is my third pregnancy or because I finally have a "normal" size baby, but I'm feeling pregnant and I'm grumpy about it!


Anonymous said...

Well, I hate to say "yay" about the complaints, but since it's probably due to having a bigger, healthier baby this time around, I'm glad for you. :-)


Rixa said...

I hear you about feeling pregnant (in sometimes the not-so-fun way) this time around. Zari was still a good size when she was born (7 lbs at 38 weeks) but this time I am showing a lot more in my belly and am bigger now than I was when I gave birth to her (even though I have gained a bit less weight...hmmmm). So yes, I'm hitting the awkward/tired/achey stage of pregnancy this time around. I kind of skipped it last time.