Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On Laundry and Birthin'

Leslie made a comment on Robyn's blog this afternoon. The comment itself is about hand-washing laundry, but as I was reading I was amazed by how perfectly the same comment could have been written about unmedicated and home birthing. Take out the words laundry and clothes and insert birth and birthing, and you have a beautiful commentary on birth the way it can be.

Increased consciousness, properly managed, leads to increased gratitude. Increased gratitude, clearly seen and properly attributed, leads to God. It is a grave mistake to assume that the so-called modern way of doing things is necessarily the better way. Deeper analysis, observation and mostly honest to goodness personal experience is required to really assess even these seemingly simple activities.

It is all in the subtleties."



PocketsoftheFuture said...

We have six children. Our second was a c-section as he was breech, huge and stuck under my rib cage for months. I was forced to be grateful for c-section technology in his case... My next four were vbac's although I never thought of them that way. The c-section was a one time deal that had nothing to do with the later babies. Anyway, our sixth was born at home "unassisted". That unassisted birth was a peak experience for me, for my husband, for all of us as a family in one way or another and that baby adjusted to life on the outside far more easily than any of the other five. It was definitely a birth experience that led to a greater trust of Nature's way which in turn led to increased consciousness, increased gratitude and increased God, if you will.

God is simple and subtle. The way to Him is also simple and subtle, therefore, we must often turn away from modern approaches which are the opposite.

Thank you for making the connection between this passage and birth. My "deeper analysis, observation and honest to goodness personal experience" says right along with you that this all overwhelmingly applies to birth.

Gosh, if women only knew ....