Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't been around. We moved to a different state, and then. . .

my two sisters had c-sections. *sob* TWO! TWO sisters each had a c-section!! Four weeks apart, exactly. Same hospital, different doctors. Different reasons. I'm not ashamed to say that it PISSES me off. I'm fuming...FUMING!!! I am raging freaking mad.

The first one, I'll call her sister A, suffered from an infection at her incision site. Her son has been re-hospitalized for illness and infections, as well. Surprise, surprise. My second sister, sister H, is now battling deep depression and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. Again, surprise, surprise! All KNOWN possible side-effects of a section.

Unbelievable. Un-be-freaking-lievable! There are five of us sisters. Three have now had c-sections. 3 out of 5. How are those statistics for you?

I love my sisters. I love them dearly. I'm not mad at them. I'm mad that they fell victim to a system that chews up mothers and babies and spits out dollar bills. They're my sisters, but to our maternity "care" system, they're just money and liabilities. My sisters were cut because two doctors had to put food on the table for their children. They care more about their own families than other people's. What kind of messed up system do we have that makes doctors, so-called "care providers", choose between the health and safety of their families and the health and safety of others?

What I want to know is WHO is responsible for the United States maternity care system? Who gave control of it to malpractice insurance companies? You know who you are. . . and listen. Listen to me. You've pissed off one mama too many. There are more mothers in this country than there are of 'you', and you're going down.

I have a sword of knowledge.
I have a shield of courage.
I have armour of compassion.

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Rixa said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sisters and their difficult recoveries. I had a similar reaction a year or so ago when I added up all the women in my congregation who'd had c-sections, and it was something like 70-80%. Crazy and scary and really ominous for our long-term wellbeing.

vbacwarrior said...

...and ME! They come to ME for help after their sections, when I TRIED to offer help during their pregnancies. Now I have to sympathize. 'I know it's hard, but it'll get better'

'yes, I have numb spots around my scar, too. No- they never went away.'

'yes, it's normal to still be in pain weeks after your c-section. yes, i was, too'

'depression? yes, I suffered too. when will it get better? Mine lasted about six months.'

and on, and on, and on!

Rixa said...

Just read a fabulous book: Sheila Kitzinger's "Birth Crisis." I highly recommend it for yourself and your two sisters. It's about traumatic births: what circumstances lead women to experiencing trauma, how to heal, and how to prevent them from happening again. It's my new must-read for any pregnant woman.

Anonymous said...

So sorry! No words.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that - I imagine ti must be heart breaking for you to watch them go through what you had to go through.

Becky said...

What I worry about is that they both see me NOW, and think, 'well she feels fine, so why am I so angry/depressed/pissed off/upset/weepy, etc.' They both lived very different lives nearly four years ago when I had my section and they weren't around to see how 'messed up' I was THEN.

Barb said...

I have had 4 c-sections & will be having my 5th in 12 weeks. I have never experienced an infection at my incision, although I know it can happen.

I agree wholeheartedly that the c-section rate is way too high. I do disagree with you on the deep depression. I experienced that with my 1st VBAC 12 years ago. I believe depression can occur regardless of the delivery. I know quite a few women who have experienced it and all have had normal births.

Now, if I could have a VBAC, I would in a heartbeat. However, our hospital does not allow one after 2 c-sections. Also, there is not a midwife who will assist with a homebirth for me either.

I continue to trust the Lord in this and my current OB has no problems with the # of sections. I'm very blessed.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand your disappointment. Did your mom have any/all of you via cesarean? I only ask because evidently the way our mothers birthed may affect the way we birth. My mom had cesareans for both me and my brother (once a c always a c). I just wonder how strong the family correlation is. Regardless... hugs. One of my SILs is due any day now, and she's so afraid that it wouldn't surprise me at all if she has a bad birth experience. :(
~ Kimberly

vbacwarrior said...


NO! NONE of us girls were born via cesarean. My mom had seven (7!!) children, and just ONE c-section (her 4th child, a boy, for placenta abruption). Then she went on to have 3 unmedicated hospital vbacs.

Dirt Worshipping Treehugger said...

"You've pissed off one mama too many. There are more mothers in this country than there are of 'you', and you're going down."
RIGHT ON SISTER! I think I'm in love!